21 December 2012

We Made It!!

     Well, we're still here. The world didn't end. I'm guessing there are going to be a few regrets tomorrow from a few people out there. We'll see what people did before whatever they thought was going to happen today. Our actions often illustrate our expectations.
     Now, I suppose there are those out there that may have the feeling that being prepared is silly. "It's the same as Y2K, I can't believe I fell for it again." Well, I hope that's not what you're thinking. Let me tell you something, if there was some way to predict these sorts of disasters, Facebook wouldn't be your number one source of information regarding it. Don't let your disappointment that nothing happened change your mind about being prepared for other disasters. I know, who cares about earthquakes and tornadoes if the Mayan thing didn't happen? I do. If you know about them, then you do, too.
     We know things go crazy at least a little bit every so often, but we definitely shouldn't panic, especially if it hasn't happened yet. Our response should be equal to the situation at hand. Preparedness can encompass everything from being ready to change a tire to learning how to protect against nuclear fallout(we're probably not going to get that intense on here). When something happens to us, we don't need to jump to the worst possible situation and lock ourselves in a bunker...and we don't need to react like this guy:

Although for some people, this may get you a date quicker than whatever you're doing now(you know who you are).
      As people who want to seriously prepare, we can't afford to subscribe to any sort of hysteria or panic. There are fear-mongers out there that would try to get people to jump on the bandwagon. There's a doomsday trend that will probably die out to some extent. Well, where does that leave us? If there's nobody there trying to scare us into being prepared, what do we do? For the community of preparedness(including FEMA, Red Cross, emergency managers, and such), they've been trying to find ways to help people be prepared without scaring them into it. It's difficult, because the facts are plain to see; sometimes, you don't do what you should do to prepare, and bad things happen. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes someone saves your skin. Sometimes you help others and volunteer your time, efforts, or resources to save someone's skin.
     The facts are also plain to see that when people come to a realization of something and make an educated decision on their own, they are more likely to do something about it and stick with it. I guess the sensationalism of the end of the world gets us excited, but honestly, what can you really do to prepare for total destruction of the world, anyway?
     ...Well...as I sit here in my underground bunker that has a door that is set to a timer that will unlock in fifty years, I wonder to myself(since I'm all alone down here) if I acted a little too quickly. Better safe than sorry...that's what I used to say. Now I'm safe and sorry. Well, like they say, "Use it or lose it."

     We've got a lot left to learn for some real-life emergencies, so stick around and we'll work on those.

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