26 April 2013

If Prometheus Had a Blog

     As we all know, and as science and history have clearly proven, man first started using fire when the Titan Prometheus stole it from the heavens and brought it to earth to give to mortals. Let's just hope that by sharing a few ways to start fires I don't share his fate; which is to be chained to a rock by Zeus to have your liver eaten everyday by an eagle.
     Since we already have fire, I'll go over a few ways today on how to start one. If you can't do it with a lighter or matches, then leave a comment below so we can tease you. I won't go over primitive techniques, such as a bow drill or rubbing two sticks together, though I hope to work on those types sometime.
     We'll go over flint and steel and a battery and steel wool. 
First is using flint and steel with a cotton ball. It's not terribly easy to light a fire with flint and steel, so I keep a cotton ball with it because that makes a huge difference.

     Now here's using a cotton ball with some petroleum jelly on it.
     Using magnesium shavings as a base to catch the sparks is a great way to use flint and steel. I don't light it here, but I explain it a little.

This is my wife giving it a shot. She's using the Strike Force fire starter. It's one of those commercial flint and steel awesome things. I keep one in my backpack and they do a pretty good job.

    Using a battery and steel wool isn't practical in a wilderness setting, since most people don't carry steel wool around, but you could, and it could come in handy in a lot of situations. It's also pretty easy and kind of fun.

      Well, those are some examples of how to start a fire. We had a pretty fun time figuring these out. There are some other things we'll work on when it comes to making fire. I'm not sure if Prometheus just gave mortals fire or if he taught them how to make it, too. It's not that impressive if he just gave it to them. Wildfires happen all the time, and only you can prevent them. If he taught them, he could have made quite the blog.

Next week, we'll learn how to treat burns.

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