04 June 2013

First Aid: There's an App for That

 I am writing this post from a mobile device(i.e. smartphone). I have been trying to make the best use of it, especially for being prepared. The battery life is much less than a good ol' flip phone, but it can do more tricks. One of the best I've found is the Red Cross First Aid application http://bit.ly/JHnrZo .  This app is a pretty nifty tool to not only learn and prepare but also to respond. It gives you a list of emergencies to learn about.

You can learn about each of these topics, and you can even test your knowledge on some of them.

     If you happen to have a real medical emergency, there's an app for that. In fact, it's this one. You just push the button right there on the bottom of the screen;

     Emergency wizard? That's amazing! I was pretty sure this was magic, but now I know for sure. So you activate the wizard, then you select from the list of medical emergencies:

     Each item has step-by-step instructions on what to do that are simple enough for anyone to follow.

     Some have other options, such as a heart attack victim who becomes unconscious. 

    For burns, you can select the 10 minute timer button so you know you've been cooling the burned area with cold water long enough. 

     There are several handy features right at your fingertips. Look through it and learn something. On Friday, I plan to begin going over first aid, so I guess I found this at just the right time. There are other Red Cross apps for different types of emergencies, but if you only get one for now, this is probably the one I would recommend.  http://bit.ly/JHnrZo

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