30 July 2013

Looking at the Little Picture

     I think it's time we start looking at the little picture, especially when it comes to preparedness. Let's say the power goes out. It's going to come back on. You may even call the power company to report an outage. That's looking at the big picture; that things will work out. It's a good attitude. What about the here and now, though? What about the next…(I'm gonna say it) 72 hours? Heck, what about the next hour? Are you in the middle of cooking dinner or watching a football game? Do you need to go to the bathroom ? When something happens, it will most likely be during normal, boring, everyday life.
     So things will go back to normal, or at least some semblance of normal. In bigger disasters, like Hurricane Katrina or the September 11th terrorist attacks, some things change for good. Looking at the big picture in life will always be important. Looking at the little picture may be just as important. The little picture isn't about events on a global scale or public policy, it's about what you can do about what is happening right now
     Looking at the little picture helps us to secure for ourselves the little things that make up our lives. Self-reliance is made of the little things.The little things make up the big things, and without the little things, the big things may not matter. In one way, we look at the little picture because of the big picture. If our needs are not met, then there may be long term repercussions.
      Looking at the little picture is about meeting your basic needs, or even wants. You'll probably be okay if your air conditioner isn't working for a few hours. You may be uncomfortable, but you'll be fine. Your food in the refrigerator doesn't spoil the second the power goes out. Let's say you have a generator, though. The power goes out and you run an extension cord to power a couple things in your home. Life basically goes on as normal for you in that little picture until the big picture catches up with you. You've got it covered. Most of our life hangs from something else. For the most part, our food hangs on the grocery store, our electricity on the power company, medical care on the hospital or emergency services. Looking at the little picture is when you find something that you are dependent on others for, which is just about everything, but you pick up the slack when you they drop it. You put in on a stand, holding it up, and say, "I've got this." That's self-reliance. The little picture is using first aid skills to treat a minor injury, even if you're about to head to the hospital. It is having food that doesn't need to be cooked or having extra water so you can flush your toilet. It is, like Theodore Roosevelt said, doing "what you can, with what you have, where you are." Some people tag "and do it now" to the end of that, which is fine by me.
     The little picture is why people stop to help someone with a flat tire or who has been in a car accident. Sure, a tow truck or ambulance will probably be there in a few minutes, and, in the big picture, the help they need will get there sometime, but why not right then and why not you? Having a flashlight on hand is little picture. Having bottled water on hand is little picture. What you can control in any moment is little picture, so go start putting them together. You'll see, when you're done all your little pictures will create a collage that makes up a mosaic of...the big picture.



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