23 March 2017

He Lit a Crayon on Fire...You Won't Believe What Happens Next... (Spoiler: It Burns)

How do you like the clickbait title? I thought it was funny, even if I hate myself a little for it. 

    If you've ever lived on the internet, and you wouldn't be here if you haven't, you may have seen the little "emergency/survival hack" about using a crayon as an emergency candle. They say it will burn for 30 minutes. My first thought is that it would be a dirty, smelly flame and wouldn't even be worth it. Well, as I'm sure we all do when we see something on the internet, I try things out before jumping to conclusions. We all do that, right? Well, here's how it looked...

So it worked! I melted a little wax on the bottom so it would stay up, and I stuck a little bit of paper to the top to give me something to light (some people break the tip off to light it at the crayon's paper). Overall, it burned fairly cleanly. It lasted about 15 minutes. It is possible that crayons of a higher caliber will last longer, but for these run-of-the-mill cheap crayons, that's what you get. As far as emergency supplies go, I think you should pack a flashlight and battery for light, and some actual candles if you need a little fire. Even the little tealight candles can last for hours. The crayon is kind of impractical, but nice to know if you ever really need it. 


  1. Since reading, on the Internet, about using crayons for candles, I have considered giving it a go. But haven't. So, I have to say, thank you for taking the time to be the one to check it out!
    Enjoyed your blog. Keep writing!
    On a side note, one can create some pretty awesome masterpieces using melted crayon.

  2. I've always wondered about the crayon thing. Thanks for trying it out. Now I know.