13 April 2013

1000 Page Views!!

     First off, I want to celebrate a little bit. This post marks 1000 page views to my blog!
 I can't believe all five of you looked at this thing two-hundred times! Thanks to everyone. I hope you've learned something. I'll keep learning and passing it on.
     Today I made a video about an Altoids tin survival kit. To commemorate the page view milestone, you're welcome to come over for an Altoids mint. There are a lot in each tin and after a while, you get sick of trying to eat them all, so, since you're so good to me, I'll return the kindness. Also, if your breath stinks, then you should get a mint.
     You can make a kit of your own, depending on your needs. You can make them as big or small as you want. You can carry it in your pocket, diaper bag, backpack, car, 72-hour kit, or wherever.

Plus, a few more ideas from The Art of Manliness

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